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lundi, juillet 9 2018

Do as I Do: Using Social Learning to Train Dogs download book

Claudia Fugazza,Head of Department Department of Ethology Adam Miklosi: Do as I Do: Using Social Learning to Train Dogs

Do as I Do: Using Social Learning to Train Dogs

Author: Claudia Fugazza,Head of Department Department of Ethology Adam Miklosi
Number of Pages: 81 pages
Published Date: 30 Jun 2014
Publisher: Dogwise Publishing
Publication Country: Wenatchee, Washington, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781617811487
Download Link: Click Here

Recent research suggests that dogs can engage in social learning which includes the ability to observe the actions of other dogs and imitate them to learn new behaviors. This natural skill can be used to teach dogs new behaviors using the Do As I Do protocol presented in this book-DVD combination. The “Do As I Do” method is particularly useful in working with service dogs and canine athletes who must masters skills such as ringing a bell, jumping over a hurdle, spinning and dozens more.

mercredi, février 21 2018

Weighing the Evidence: Better Decision-Making and Assessment with Evidence-Based Library Practice download PDF

Carol L. Perryman,Susan Rathbun-Grubb: Weighing the Evidence: Better Decision-Making and Assessment with Evidence-Based Library Practice

Weighing the Evidence: Better Decision-Making and Assessment with Evidence-Based Library Practice

Author: Carol L. Perryman,Susan Rathbun-Grubb
Number of Pages: 250 pages
Published Date: 30 Mar 2018
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Publication Country: Englewood, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781440834769
Download Link: Click Here

dimanche, février 18 2018

Street Law South Africa: Educator's Manual: Practical Law for South Africans free pdf

Lloyd Lotz,Lindi Coetzee,Rowena Bernard,Malebakeng Forere,David McQuoid-Mason: Street Law South Africa: Educator's Manual: Practical Law for South Africans

Street Law South Africa: Educator's Manual: Practical Law for South Africans

Author: Lloyd Lotz,Lindi Coetzee,Rowena Bernard,Malebakeng Forere,David McQuoid-Mason
Number of Pages: 384 pages
Published Date: 30 Jun 2015
Publisher: Juta & Company Ltd
Publication Country: Kenwyn, South Africa
Language: English
ISBN: 9780702185557
Download Link: Click Here

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Agates of Lake Superior: Stunning Varieties and How They Are Formed free ebook

Bob Lynch: Agates of Lake Superior: Stunning Varieties and How They Are Formed

Agates of Lake Superior: Stunning Varieties and How They Are Formed

Author: Bob Lynch
Number of Pages: 224 pages
Published Date: 22 May 2012
Publisher: Advance Publishing In.,US
Publication Country: Houston, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781591933724
Download Link: Click Here

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samedi, février 17 2018

Fitzgerald: The Origins of the Fitzgerald Family and Their Place in History download book

Iain Gray,Lang Syne: Fitzgerald: The Origins of the Fitzgerald Family and Their Place in History

Fitzgerald: The Origins of the Fitzgerald Family and Their Place in History

Author: Iain Gray,Lang Syne
Number of Pages: none
Published Date: 01 Jan 2008
Publisher: Lang Syne Publishers Ltd
Publication Country: Glasgow, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781852172541
Download Link: Click Here

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Army Men II: Strategy Guide pdf, epub, mobi

M Cohen: Army Men II: Strategy Guide

Army Men II: Strategy Guide

Author: M Cohen
Number of Pages: 240 pages
Published Date: 01 Mar 1999
Publisher: Prima Publishing,U.S.
Publication Country: Rocklin, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780761520757
Download Link: Click Here

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